We're a small company based in Kristiansand Norway that focuses on interactive 3D solutions for web, desktop, and VR. Using the Unity3D engine we focus on developing tailored interactive solutions for companies and providing project support and consultancy services. Using our experience from several years working with interactive 3D applications and visualization for the Oil and Gas sector we aim to provide our customers with high quality interactive experiences.
Contact us to see how we can help you bring your visions to life.

Virtual Reality

Showcase your vision in a Virtual Reality environment to allow unprecedented immersion and physical interactivity. Allow your users to explore and interact with your concepts in any phase of development through the use of either the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive Headsets. Applications developed could cover anything from training simulations, familiarization, to interactive stories and games.

Interactive 3D

We develop custom interactive applications crafted to suit the scope and needs of your project. An interactive 3D application can provide your users with a better way of understanding your concepts, or to engage your target audience in new ways. Covers everything from interactive model viewers to simple simulators and planning tools. Get in touch with us to see what we can do to help showcase your vision.


If you need assistance on an interactive development project, or an extra body to throw at a project related to interactive 3D applications we can provide that on a project or hourly basis. Our main areas of expertise are Project Planning, Unity3D Development, and Asset Creation. We do both remote work and on-site development based on customer requirements.